Leaving The Goonzquad Headquarters!

27 set 2020
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We have a huge surprise for you guys! As the electricians work inside of the house and well house, we leave them so we don't get in their way. Its been a long time since we worked at the original goonzquad garage! So we decided to go back a take care of a few things we've been itching to do. Also after work we go get something absolutely awesome for the channel! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Name lil guy INJEN! Red, Fast🤓

    Vernon KirtonVernon Kirton9 ore fa
  • Larry after Larry enticer

    Riggs RidesRiggs Rides18 ore fa
  • You should name the dog FORESKIN because no one will name their dog that.

    Anand VinjamuriAnand VinjamuriGiorno fa

    wayne johnstonwayne johnston4 giorni fa

      wayne johnstonwayne johnston4 giorni fa
  • My dog is called Ozzie and he is 13 I’ve had him since 7 years old and he is getting old now as his back legs are going and his back and that’s my first ever dog

  • Thought they sold the zl1

    Lone WolfLone Wolf8 giorni fa
  • Goonie

    Concha79Concha7910 giorni fa
  • Love the Toyota supra i hope you pure turbo it

    Eric BiermanEric Bierman12 giorni fa
  • Call him terror

    TJ NoblesTJ Nobles14 giorni fa
  • do Goonz

    Owen PenrodOwen Penrod14 giorni fa
  • I'm enjoying the videos so far as I catch up but I would appreciate if you stopped having strobing effects in the video like you do at 4:16 like you've been doing in videos as of late. It's super hard on the eyes.

    AvelosAvelos14 giorni fa
  • Rebuilding a Dog part 6

    Atul MAtul M15 giorni fa
  • “I didn’t even know you shifted man” 😂😂

    Josh HuntJosh Hunt15 giorni fa
  • name him son

    Brigitte FormoloBrigitte Formolo17 giorni fa
  • Goozman

    GamerVaulterGamerVaulter18 giorni fa
  • Goonzo

    GamerVaulterGamerVaulter18 giorni fa
  • the dog liked the KW :P Look at him at 23:00 hahahah I love this dog !

    Michalis GregoriouMichalis Gregoriou18 giorni fa
  • Junkyard diggs vs goonzquad

    Matt McCarthyMatt McCarthy18 giorni fa
  • Name him usker

    Travoy DouglasTravoy Douglas18 giorni fa
  • I love the dog in the box 😁😂

    Junior H. BattestiJunior H. Battesti20 giorni fa
  • Soy español pero me gusta ver tus videos

    Samuel CastilloSamuel Castillo20 giorni fa
  • when did they get the a7...?

    Alex DelageAlex Delage21 giorno fa
  • I just have a question not that it really matters to me but are they gay or brothers. I do really like the content and are really good

    james L8Njames L8N21 giorno fa
  • Dogs are the best 👌🏻

    Anthony HarperAnthony Harper21 giorno fa
  • When i the tool to remove the engine from the heli copter going to come in?

    Tate GoffTate Goff21 giorno fa
  • Supra would be a good name :-)

    Bilpleier Atle BervenBilpleier Atle Berven22 giorni fa
  • Beautiful pup but as others have said, PLEASE don't crop the ears.

    Rob PitneyRob Pitney22 giorni fa
  • Call him Chip

    Sam CoburnSam Coburn22 giorni fa
  • I thought they sold the Zl1 🤔

    SoloCoreySoloCorey22 giorni fa
  • Name the dog hawk because it was in the track hawk

    Luis AceroLuis Acero23 giorni fa
  • Turbo

    DragonDylan 17DragonDylan 1723 giorni fa
  • Hey guys, really enjoying the house updates and your beautiful new puppy, but please, please don’t ruin the look of the youngster with docked ears and leave them as they were intended. Peace 👍🏻

    M ReevesM Reeves23 giorni fa
  • Lou is a good name

    Austin McClendonAustin McClendon23 giorni fa
  • Can’t u buy pass the fuse. I think to hunt did it?

    ari Carrari Carr23 giorni fa
  • Gooney

    Rad ProRad Pro23 giorni fa
  • The bmw has no power 😂

    Jose DiazJose Diaz23 giorni fa
  • Dobby

    Roman BondarenkoRoman Bondarenko23 giorni fa
  • Call it dog

    Michael HartloffMichael Hartloff24 giorni fa
  • Precious Cargo... Not only do I love your channel but also your animal respect. Cargo works for a name. Where ever the car goes he goes. Or even "precious" Can you just imagine when you call precious over. Everyone thinking that here comes a little maltest or chihuahua, but out pops a mouth full of teeth. Make any unwanted guest crap themselves twice. lol And imho, a red/liver dog just rocks. I have 2 Dalmatians. 1 black spot & one liver, and I can tell you that my liver boy Zeus is something out of the box. Enjoy fellas ;)

    greenhouse3505greenhouse350524 giorni fa
  • call the dog Red

    iamyourfuture808iamyourfuture80824 giorni fa
  • Dont paint the stones!!!!

    Jason BJason B24 giorni fa
  • Buster

    Bailey PetersBailey Peters24 giorni fa
  • Goon

    Josue AvinaJosue Avina24 giorni fa
  • Anyone else got notification today?

    Hrishikesh patelHrishikesh patel24 giorni fa
  • Turbo or Challenger for the puppys name :D

    Nathan BraidaNathan Braida24 giorni fa
  • I can give that dog a good name as per the new goonzquad bushy headquarters.... BUSH is gonna be a suitable name

    Menzi M Intake DlaminiMenzi M Intake Dlamini24 giorni fa
  • 6:48 This is Skyler's car in the movie Breaking Bad 😂😂 #بريكنق_باد

    BARMEIMBARMEIM24 giorni fa
  • Buddy

    Max WeberMax Weber24 giorni fa
  • all these videos and cars moved and still haven't put a winch on the trailer lol. Come on guys!!!!! would make your life so much EASIER!!!!

    Tony TurnerTony Turner25 giorni fa
  • Gonzo name for the dog😀

    petri petripetri petri25 giorni fa
  • Gotta tune that ECU, no CATS on a stock ECU will cut power and make the mix rich.

    Lucas RibeiroLucas Ribeiro25 giorni fa
  • Call him DIESEL...

    Boukar Abba MoussaBoukar Abba Moussa25 giorni fa
  • Bigger turbo!!! Dooooo iiiiittttt

    David UlrichDavid Ulrich25 giorni fa
  • Chestnut would be a good name!

    Stefan HuberStefan Huber25 giorni fa
  • Name him rambo

    Jj LopJj Lop25 giorni fa
  • That sounds amazing

    Carl Cross jrCarl Cross jr25 giorni fa
  • The way he slapped the box 😂 17:55

    Ben FalalalalalalaBen Falalalalalala25 giorni fa
  • These guys have some good content but I can’t stand how they talk to each other and to the camera. So annoying!

    Murray McKayMurray McKay25 giorni fa
    • They’re just charismatic, it’s a good thing especially in an entertainment industry. I would much rather them be how they are, rather than boring and dull. However you’re welcome to have your own opinion.

      Jared VinkJared Vink24 giorni fa
  • How about "Dogmeat"

    Karl SalcedoKarl Salcedo25 giorni fa
  • you should call him "Firu"

    Walter GreiserWalter Greiser25 giorni fa
  • Name her Goonie

    Llama CebuLlama Cebu25 giorni fa
  • Rooger 💯👀

    Trentin JohnstonTrentin Johnston25 giorni fa
  • Dover is a good name to

    Nate RochesterNate Rochester25 giorni fa
  • What happened to Thomas?

    Emmanuel GarzaEmmanuel Garza25 giorni fa
  • Name him Roggie

    Nate RochesterNate Rochester25 giorni fa
  • Name him goon

    ElectrifyFNElectrifyFN25 giorni fa
  • Definitely turbo

    Charles WhiteCharles White25 giorni fa
  • Name him “Little Ripper”Ripper for short

    Brendyn KuehlBrendyn Kuehl26 giorni fa
  • What a beautiful dog! I want one the same color. You guys are lucky! when i saw those dogs I was like dannngg soooonnnn

    Alex LazoAlex Lazo26 giorni fa
  • Friends, you talk a lot. You talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, and you talk a lot.

    أبو ضاريأبو ضاري26 giorni fa
  • like and subcibe and coment and staytoon for the shop

    Arvin NguyenArvin Nguyen26 giorni fa
  • "Black Widow Supra" the loudest supra on the youtube. If you know you know.

    Corner Ey meeCorner Ey mee26 giorni fa
  • That kind of looks like a upper ball joint or wheel bearing

    Anthony AttawayAnthony Attaway26 giorni fa
  • Turbo

  • At 1101 looks like a GTR exhaust

    Anthony AttawayAnthony Attaway26 giorni fa
  • Tokyo.. drift

    Joe FisherJoe Fisher26 giorni fa
  • Goondran

    Hussain tahaaHussain tahaa26 giorni fa
  • the perfect name for him is "REX" or " Zeus"

    Ro TekRo Tek26 giorni fa
  • I am watching Bob Vila reruns in the mean time.

    Mark's SnakepitMark's Snakepit26 giorni fa
  • Please dont clip the ears :(

    Zeltrax !Zeltrax !26 giorni fa
  • First ride was in the trackhawk, so maybe hawk?

    JaredEriksenJaredEriksen26 giorni fa
  • New to your channel. Really impressed!!!

    tim baileytim bailey26 giorni fa
  • Wow, did they just install a new exhaust without even showing us the install in less then 4 minutes.Boys are getting lazy about this more and more. I’m sure the exhaust sponsor is happy. Cold air intake 1 minute .

    1BAD2SS Blackhawk1BAD2SS Blackhawk26 giorni fa
  • I think RIP would be a great name since you guy's RIP it and send it!!!!

    Eric RodriguezEric Rodriguez26 giorni fa
  • you should name the dog prince

    Paul DavisPaul Davis26 giorni fa
  • Turbo

    Fernando SaavedraFernando Saavedra26 giorni fa
  • This comment is late but if you see it i think that you should name the dog "drover"

    Sterling StaufferSterling Stauffer26 giorni fa
  • "i wanna see what it sounds like"

    nick cromptonnick crompton26 giorni fa
  • Turbo

    bike jumps 101bike jumps 10126 giorni fa
  • Oooo audi!

    Anthony AttawayAnthony Attaway26 giorni fa
  • Looks like a Goon to me

    PopeyePopeye26 giorni fa
  • Dogs name should be ZQ (pronounced Zeke)

    Tom BartTom Bart26 giorni fa
  • Gunner

    Jesse DossJesse Doss26 giorni fa
  • Turbo or jasper

    Ryan PalmerRyan Palmer26 giorni fa
  • I have the same dog and we named him “rost” cause that’s rust in German which is the dogs nationality and the color of his fur and it sounds kind of aggressive like the Supra

    Jeremy ThomasJeremy Thomas26 giorni fa
  • Lugnut!

    Adam LacznyAdam Laczny26 giorni fa
  • A great name is bennyboy

    Why Me DieselWhy Me Diesel26 giorni fa
  • It's the traction control that needs to be tuned off..Then you can do some nice burners

    winey99cobrawiney99cobra26 giorni fa
  • Call the dog jeep:)

    Heine AugustHeine August26 giorni fa
  • Dog name "Bondo"

    My Two Good HandsMy Two Good Hands26 giorni fa