Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Jeep Trackhawk Part 22

16 lug 2020
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This thing is finally awake!!! As we continue to put the Trackhawk back together, our minds just cant seem to forget about the mods that we have planned. We are super happy to make it to this point on the process and all me really have left is some aftermarket parts to install. The very first mod is probably one of the best mods you can do to any car! We cant wait to show you guys what else we have planned for it! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • The magnitude of this project is truly something! Incredible you’re seeing it out from start to finish with literally every foreseeable roadblock in between! Mad respect

    Envy_ DigitalEnvy_ Digital10 giorni fa
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  • You should have sprayed it all black with a gold metal flake. Wow it just would pop in the sun.

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  • I'm gonna tell my boss..."I got an early start...late in the day" it

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  • Intake looks great and sounds unique!

    Ethan MacherasEthan Macheras2 mesi fa
  • Keep up the good work y'all! Supercharger sounds super amazing! I know I'm late watching these vids, but i don't mind watching older vids either lol. But yes! Looks super good my guys! Again, supercharger sounds amazing! It WILL NOT get annoying at all. If you like superchargers or Turbos, they will not get annoying.

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  • FYI, there's a fuel door cable pull inside the trunk area under the little cubby pocket on the left side to open the door if it ever jams. I was yelling at the TV and my five year old was like "dang dad its youtube not actual goonzquad!"

    BriBri3 mesi fa
  • bunch of people bitching about the whine have clearly never heard a terminator cobra. the whine is awesome!!

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  • What a strange sound, it looks like an electric car with that whistle. I think it is because of the cover you have put on it.

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  • Maybe a 800 hp with that cold intake lollll 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • What product you guys use for wax, grease removing before paint??

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  • P

    الفتى _ المختار ____الفتى _ المختار ____3 mesi fa
  • 20:54 what did u just say?

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    • No one noticed it 😂😂😂

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  • Is it recommended to have the trackhawk tuned after adding a intake? Or is it not required?

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