The New Goonzquad Headquarters!!!

16 ago 2020
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We are moving!!! As you guys know we have been working out of our parents backyard for the past two years. We had a great run here but as we expand with builds and other equipment, we are slowly running out of room. As we were waiting on permits for our commercial garage, we found and amazing deal on a mountain top house with 15 acres of land. This is going to be an epic change for us and were happy to take you guy along for the ride! Thanks For Watching!!!
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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  • the difference in the prices of the mowers that are the same size had to do with commercial parts and quality that cub cadet is one of the worst cut quality mowers made

    ChuckieChuckieOra fa
  • hit the road with no girl ,what kind fun is that

    adel baadel ba6 ore fa
  • New sub here!! Just Truckin sent me over. And I’ll be darned. Not only did I buy that same mower this summer( I got mine at Home Depot) but I recognize that Tractor Supply. Same one I use 😆😜 Ringgold/Fort O here 👊

    MakeCentsMakeCentsGiorno fa
    • Was there (Tractor Supply) this past week and they have some commercial grade ones. Shocks on the front slicks 😆👌

      MakeCentsMakeCentsGiorno fa
  • This is really satisfying

    Breaking GamesBreaking Games2 giorni fa
  • Prob see me hunting beside you. Yall will manly see buzzards

    Wes JonesWes Jones2 giorni fa
  • These boys were raised right !!!!

    Chris HeardChris Heard4 giorni fa
  • With that view seems like you guys and OffTheRanch live in the same neighbourhood. :)

    kFe82kFe824 giorni fa
  • Make sure high speed broadband internet is available for those high quality video uploads

    Phil R.Phil R.7 giorni fa
  • Excited for you guys! The house looks awesome and the land... dude that’s crazy!

    Dan SDan S7 giorni fa

    Irfan Ameer AnwerIrfan Ameer Anwer8 giorni fa

    Irfan Ameer AnwerIrfan Ameer Anwer8 giorni fa
  • Need to ask is this the same place like the last video ?

    Sun YongsiangSun Yongsiang10 giorni fa
  • Y’all need a car lot😂

    Cameron BrookingCameron Brooking11 giorni fa
  • Yall should have deff got the Badboy. I Sell them for a living and work on them. I can tell you from experience they are built tougher than any other mower on the market. You have to look up the manufacturer's stats and you'll see. Maybe next time give it a good looking over and compare stats.

    Josh LoftisJosh Loftis13 giorni fa
  • Sou do 🇧🇷 mesmo não entendo nada do vídeo eu assisto 👍🏼

    Matheus FpsMatheus Fps18 giorni fa
  • well done guys amazing.

    ds parkerds parker20 giorni fa
  • Are they brothers?

    Andres DelgadilloAndres Delgadillo20 giorni fa
  • Should get a ventrac mower they have 8 wheel drive never get stuck on hills!

    Breannamarie123. Happy HalloweenBreannamarie123. Happy Halloween22 giorni fa
  • So inspired 🖤❤

    Lm aoLm aoMese fa
  • I am glad you guys are doing so well in life. It is sad though because you ruin the hole thing with every other word is dude. Think I will start watching other

    Bill MahanBill MahanMese fa
  • why yours truck are armored&why its military truck

    jirrukkajirrukkaMese fa
  • Your to much talk

  • Nice view maaan

    mark Persaudmark PersaudMese fa
  • No masks people look to these guys

    Im DiorIm DiorMese fa
  • Yall need a underground bunker on the property.

    Martin BorregoMartin BorregoMese fa
  • always enjoy your videos. would really enjoy them more with less bullshit marketing and sales pitch but i understand you need money. maybe class your advertising at the end of the video in a separate clip. those who want to help you out will. no need to degrade your "artwork" (videos are fucking art!)

    DAO DemocracyDAO DemocracyMese fa
  • great property and happy for you guys!

    Ethan MacherasEthan MacherasMese fa
  • yooooooooo 30 minutes letsssss gooooooooooooo

    Commander Barakan 437Commander Barakan 437Mese fa
  • Like the amount of times they say “sucker”😂

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  • Stick set coilovers and ul have suspension ha ha 👍😂

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  • Put a sprinkler system in that house!

    avnmechavnmechMese fa
  • I have lawn care business and have the same mower and also a scag turf tiger. Im only 14 too. Good choice on the mower tho

    C McPC McPMese fa
    • This guy is a g

      C McPC McPMese fa
  • Are these guys rich? How the fuck?

    Tony AlmeidaTony AlmeidaMese fa
  • I didn’t know this was off the ranch

    michael Ellisonmichael EllisonMese fa
  • That probably cost 2000 dollars in Chattanooga xD but amazing work boys. Been here since 100K. cant put into words how proud i am of your boys ! Yall deserve everything ! Amazing work love yall

    Atul MAtul MMese fa
  • make infinity pool downhill

    Suomalaista PelailuaSuomalaista PelailuaMese fa
  • Check playlist of some older builds:

  • Hi goonzquad..😊 im from Indonesia..🙏

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  • Whem u put your fingers in your mouth u probably just got covid 19

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  • You boys work HARD!!! Congrats

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Man that's an amazing spot!!

    julious hilljulious hillMese fa
  • I would love to learn how they do it I'm 54 years old lost my leg at the age of 14 trying to make it but every thing I do just falls apart thank you for your videos you have changed my life cant stop watching your videos thank you so much yours truly Randall Bright from Goose Creek South Carolina

    Neal BrightNeal BrightMese fa
  • If I were you guys ... I will start 🐝 bee keeping...

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  • Call the pond guy

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  • I would like to get in touch with you guys how is that possible?

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  • How much did they say it cost?

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  • I never thought I would be interested in watching two guys talk about lawn mowers that cost more than my car for 10 minutes but here I am

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  • Dudes, please dig out those roots of the bushe and trees.... otherwise these plants will come back some where else on the place or they will come back directly on the same Place

    Drummer LpsDrummer LpsMese fa
  • Heyy

    Björn Roemer-dorantBjörn Roemer-dorantMese fa
  • How do you guys afford all this stuff?

    Red D FilmRed D FilmMese fa
  • TWINS?

    BILLBILLMese fa
  • thats actually an insane piece of property

    Shane SweeneyShane SweeneyMese fa
  • Anyone know what city is this in? Im wanting to one day own property in the hills

    ChuckyChuckyMese fa
  • Look like hunted house 🏠 to me. 👀

    Josef ThangJosef ThangMese fa
  • Wow, they have to pay for the 1yr warranty? seems strange

    BubblePuppyBubblePuppyMese fa
  • Love your vids Guys Can u Do less talking, Not trying to offend you

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  • Congratulations bro 🎉🎉this perfect place for you love u guys ♥️🇱🇰

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  • Great content. What drone did y'all get ?

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  • keep the building as a two story office with long garage 10 bay attached to the side that is also two story or basement drive under parking garage

    cCrazze GuycCrazze GuyMese fa
  • I hear banjos playing and I see snakes lol

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  • Alguém do Brasil ??

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  • bro you guys literally need to make a huge garage and have a amazing drive way

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  • Hey are you brothers? Y’all seem to get along real good.

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  • I think this headquaters is the the biggest project I think

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  • What type of hitch is that. I need one of those for my stewart.

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  • You boys plan of going off grid with solar? And power station.

    The Tinker ZoneThe Tinker ZoneMese fa
    • that would be crazy intressting i wonder if they can get deliveries to this place as always ?

      maselito the gamermaselito the gamerMese fa
  • leaving a comment for the sake of it

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  • Forgot about the house and focus on the bigger workshop

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  • have you taken in rain water control on the hill side's ? looking good other wise.

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  • Yall guys are awesome i wish i had the opportunity yall do growing up. Keep up the awesome projects me an my boys wait an check every day for videos to come out

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  • The only reason I don’t watch these guys is because of they talk like cowboys that shit annoying af

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  • That view is sweat!! Congrats guys!

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  • Put a fire pit overlooking the valley

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  • 360k ain't bad at all.

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  • Dream

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  • All payd by youtube its a fuckt up world making a bit off stupid videos and thats all

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  • Just plz add a pool

    Not SkepticalNot Skeptical2 mesi fa
    • wow amazing well done lads

      yasio boloyasio bolo2 mesi fa
  • Well you guys have come a long way and with all of your building skills, hard work , and knowledge this is going to be one more killer project I thought the tank was big this project here is going to be Epic wish you guys all the luck in this new Adventure!!!

    don pacedon pace2 mesi fa
    • use the trees to build a lovely big loghouse

      yasio boloyasio bolo2 mesi fa

    • Those two guys have such a positive attitude. It's always a pleasure to watch. 0 negativity. That's a rare sight on You Tube. Thanks.

      Rock girlRock girl2 mesi fa
  • build another house and merge it

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    • Y'all spent 1.08mil on 3 properties. Jesus, them sponsorships are paying off.

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  • Do your logo on a wall

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  • bro maybe you can build farm and keep some danggg animal hahaha like Flair

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  • You know I think what they should do with the house is build a knew one. At most I’d say 2 master bedrooms and 3 guest rooms and a basement with two bathrooms. And move the house to the left. Probably around the lines like this House ^ And after that they could build a concrete path behind they house to a garage. And knowing them i could see some trails and paths being made later on. What do you think?

    Tmn48Tmn482 mesi fa
  • 22:00 Solar electricity for that beauty...

    Gilberto SartorelGilberto Sartorel2 mesi fa
  • What was he talking abt the souls u didn’t understand

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    • das haus is mega geil , das wer eine schande das umbauen .......

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  • Thats a total Harry potter location.

    Help me reach 100 subs with no videos !Help me reach 100 subs with no videos !2 mesi fa
  • Extra blade and plugs and ignition package would be my carry home with the new mower.

    sr633sr6332 mesi fa
  • First thing y’all need to do is get a drive way paved.

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